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When was the last time you remember wearing something completely radical, without feeling as though you had taken a nose dive into faux pas territory? The response from most of you, I imagine, is in your first heedful steps of fashion experimentation. Those first prepubescent years when vintage shopping was a new endeavor and when haul videos were simply illusory fantasies of the internet future. 

Same. There exists a class photograph tucked far away in the recesses of my closet, from 1998, in which I have exhibited my sartorial disinclination, at the time, in red-and-white checkered bell bottoms, a white sports bra with multicoloured trim and a flower in my hair, for good measure - let’s not overlook the lime green elastics I had put in my braces for this special occasion, because this is what really topped the look off, naturally. 

Thankfully, as I aged, these atrocious fashion blunders became less frequent and I developed some pseudo self-aware style that was uniquely my own. Unfortunately, I simultaneously lost a heedless, hardheaded adventurousness that made wearing a picnic blanket as pants that year unassailable.

 As we begin to read fashion magazines at a young age, we become conflicted with two very different projections. At the beginning of the magazine, there are how-tos on the latest way to wear colour, or how to wear the suit to various office jobs, and then tucked away closer to the back of the magazine are editorial spreads that are quite reminiscent of our own youthful experimentation. Alas, pragmatism and insecurity take hold into adulthood and just like our favourite magazines, our most extravagant fashion choices are pushed to the back of our closets. As our role models change and as we fall into routine, we begin to lose sight of our own fashion fantasies. 

And then, there are women like Liz Cabral, and others that we’ve featured in our street style spotlight, who begin to give us an inclination that we can fantasize about fashion once again. 

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